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I got interested in USB while I was writing the PC 98 Design Guide (a joint Intel/Microsoft publication). Many of the computer OEMs that I talked to proclaimed that USB was just too complex so I set off to resolve this situation by writing a how-to book that I called USB Design By Example. Intense user feedback and innovations with USB prompted the Second Edition. This book is available and is supported from the Intel Press web site where you should also register your book.

Note that there will not be a Third Edition to this popular book. I have made several proposals to Intel Corp. but we could not come to an agreement. Since the second edition was written in 2001 (13 years ago!) I recommend that you not purchase it; although much of the theory is still valid the examples are Win98 based and many do not work on the ever-changing Windows platform. Details on high speed design, Wireless USB and SuperSpeed are not included.
Instead you should consider Jan Axelson's 'USB Complete, Fourth Edition' at - I worked with Jan on this and highly recommend her book.

Cypress Semiconductor commissioned me to write a book on their Multi-Role USB products and this is available for download.

FTDI commissioned me to write a book on their products - it is a free download from

SuperSpeed Device Design By Example

is now available from Amazon as a paperback or as an eBook. Check out some details here.

Writing a book is a HUGE under taking and takes 6-12 months but if you would like a book written please send me an email with an overview.

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